Promise? Promised!

read 2cor1:20             Gods promises to His people are in the Bible, He says yes to and we can say amen to that. God wants to give us good gifts and HE does give us good gifts. There is just something likely to attract attention in the way things are said in the Bible. God says yes to all HIS promises in the Bible – over 800, some are a little harder to get. Amen means ‘so be it’. We say look, God says yes, we say please do this LORD, we do our part and it gets done. God is a good Father, He wants to say yes to everything in the Bible if He wills it for us.

‘ To the glory of God through us’ our amen is to the glory of God through us. So be it God, be glorified in us through this great thing we want you to do in us and He will. To get free of sin, to find wisdom and guidance and strength, we need salvation, a job, we want to give Him some love or our lives. God will work with us. The key is not to give up. You learn as you go. In entrepreneurship classes they teach you that it may take more than one try to be successful. They know business and human nature. They know the success rate and the odds. We all fall short sometimes but if we keep trying we get better.


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