No Fantasies Here

Sometimes life gets huge for people. These days its like everything is getting harder and troubling. The cost of living has gone up and things can break and we can spend all our extra time doing the things that need to be done. My neighbors have 2 people working and they don’t even get time to change their oil on time. They are pretty well off but struggling sometimes to get everything done and play enough and get enough sleep and just keep going when they’d rather be playing around. Doing everything you can and everything you think you must, and still there is more needed and staying up late after dark to change your oil it can be exasperating for all of us I think. There are still giants in life to contend with.
So once in a while you can get a little bit of fear going- ‘ what is going to happen next’, how are we going to pay for that’ and you might make a mistake some where. The bills pile up and with all the unemployment many people are faltering in the quest to be in the black. Are all the creditors going to foreclose on all the faltering to pay their bills. Will everything be taken back and more? stuff like that. Stuck in a struggle to where we don’t believe in God, don’t want to hear about Jesus and can’t slow down. Sometimes we even take drugs to keep up with it all.
When I have fear I have been reciting scriptures. Fear for persecution and for the stuff I have already stated. Plus about public speaking. I have been trying to please God but we can get off the track so easy. Thankfully God can correct us and get us back on track.
I say,’ Fear not for I am with you, be not afraid for I am your God. I will strengthen you yea and I will help you yea, I will uphold you with the right hand of my righteousness.’ Its comforting and after a while it goes. I say,’There is no fear in love, perfect loves casts out fear, for fear has torment. Those who fear are not made perfect in love’. I let perfect love have its way with the help of the Holy Spirit. And fear goes away, believe it or not.
There are giants in our lives that make us fear sometimes. Just doing life for a long time can be a chore. When David was going to fight Goliath I saw in a movie just the other day- all the soldiers tried to discourage him over and over, every chance they got because they had no faith that he could kill the giant they were so afraid of him. David persevered and knew he could do it and he did. I’m just saying that we need faith sometimes in God to do something larger than ourselves. We spend all our energy everyday and we get used to the routine but when things sneak up from behind and threaten to overwhelm us where do we get the energy and strength? Some of us turn to GOD.
God is our sufficiency for just such a time as this. He becomes our strength and gets us over the top with a surge of extra help and we conquer the problem and outlast it and find peace again. I think its God- does anything else work ? Does shrinking back or letting something else go and experiencing loss work? I have gotten immense help by believing in the gospel of God. It has always worked for me. Knowing that God is on my side and strengthening and helping is an immense comfort and it does work and is very refreshing.
God is good He comes through for me through prayer and the scriptures and I believe them because they work. Because God does not let us down. There are trials and it is tough sometimes- we are saved through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Our own effort will fail us and things we do may make us less sharp and take the edge off our efforts so that we don’t get by and we can lose what we have or never get what we want. We can just slip through the cracks and be lost.
But whether you are working or not your faith will save you at least you will go to heaven when you die if you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. You can count on HIS goodness and gentleness to help you in time of trouble. God will not destroy you unless you do not believe. Ultimately… in the end.
His mercies are new every morning.