Dedicated to Todd Rundgren

I want to read to you in the next few weeks 1 COR1:18-31.  It has some good things about God, people and their interrelations that I think you will like.  So let’s start by reading 1:18 NASB.

Co 1:18  For the word of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.

Why are we truly Gentiles?

Paul knew how important the word of the cross was- is!  It was all he spoke of.  He preached this to the Gentiles- it was the main point, God’s wisdom.  It was GOD’s plan- that seemed so simple, so obviously not like the wisdom of the world.  But it is the only way.  God didn’t want to be like man with logic and reasoning.  He could have made it any way He wanted.  He did what pleased Him and since it is the only workable system we have, it makes mans so called great ideas of no effect.

The gospel says that the way to be or think… the truth is, that Christ died for us and that’s what makes living worthwhile.  That is what gives us a reward.  All the complicated rationale in the world won’t make God pleased with us if we have not believed in His SON.  Not cleverness of speech or understanding of Freud or Jung no one else but Jesus.   Listen to what the wise old man did:

An old man had just retired after 30 years at his job.  He moved to a new town by a junior high school.  When the new term began the kids from the school went home his way and they banged on every garbage can they could find.  They made music or just a lot of noise.  So he said I have to do something for these kids.

He got together with them and told them ‘I’ll give you a dollar a day to do this and to do your thing each day you go home from school’.  They said, ‘Great we could use a dollar each’.  So it keeps going for awhile and then the man says, ‘Well inflation is taking its toll on my income and I think I can only give you kids $.50 a day from now on.  They were kind of mad but they said ‘OK better than nothing.’

In a couple more weeks he had to tell them ‘Guys- I have not got my Social Security check yet so how about only $.25 a day.  I’m sorry that’s the best I can do.’  They said Twenty-five cents?!  We won’t do all that work for $.25.  We quit!’

No one but Gods Son, and if we could stop thinking that man is so great  because God loves us and supports us…  But God loves us because we are not so good, because we make mistakes because all manner of evil is happening right now.  We need a savior to save us from our mistakes, sins and that evil.  God has provided one for us, that if we should believe on His Son, JESUS, we will not perish but have everlasting life.

Some of you would agree that Christ is so hard to grasp and that giving up our sin is so empty that we just can’t consider it.  What else do some of us have but the pleasures we are holding on to.  We think that to give that up would make us totally destitute of all good feelings and familiarity.  But it’s not, what God has designed is the power of God.  The word of God is the power of God.  The Cross is the power of God.  Forgiveness is the power of God.  He made it that way.  It works over every obstacle that God had to …  God wants justice He gave us payment.  He paid the price for our sins and won’t punish us in the judgment on the last day.  The government might!

Christ’s death paid for our sins, they are forgiven now when we ask for it.  It is not in the understanding of science that leads anywhere good.  It is in believing on Jesus, the forgiver of our sins.  Scientific knowledge is fine and knowing all about the workings of the universe.  If you make it the most important thing though and not the God of the Bible then it is going to be a problem after you die.  That is what Jesus taught us about the after- life.  We need to obey Him if we want a reward in the after- life.  We don’t have to give up everything to get it, just a few things.  We don’t ruin our lives to get a reward.  We suffer a little but it has its rewards even here.  This life is only a short testing ground to see if we want all eternity to enjoy.  A little work and self denial, letting God make us holy and living like Christ.  He never complained about HIS life.

READ vs. 19.


It is not about our cleverness or ‘the wisdom’ of man.  It is about what God has done and what Jesus has done on the cross.   God is making us have one way, one life, one judgment, one heaven and one hell.  He made this aspect of it but we still have a choice and He is calling you to understand and to live.  Calling us to let HIM do this and enjoy the ride.  Don’t run off and commit something terrible because HE has this life for you.  Be grateful for what is coming- complete bliss with your loving heavenly Father.  No sin, no pain, no sorrow.

God is the intelligent designer and the intelligentsia.  He knows us better than we know ourselves.  He loves each of us deeply for exactly who we are.  He wants us with Him in heaven to see the fruits of His labor.  When we get there we will have something to be overjoyed about. Listen to your conscience.  A conscience is what hurts when all the other parts feel good.