A Visit from Jesus

Be of good cheer, it is I, be not afraid. Have you ever laughed with Jesus over something He said. Have you ever enjoyed the company of the King of Kings. He was really good to me on Sunday and dwelt with me, but not me but, who He is in me. He selfied me and who He is said to my cell: Not much but He just listened while I tried to be myself and it was very encouraging even though I shared some negative stuff for awhile. But the love we shared as we tarried there as the song goes ‘no other has ever known’. This might be a Bible verse but if it is another person has experienced this. Someone famous- a Bible character maybe David. But I looked it up and maybe it was just the authors words to the song. See I’m not the only one; maybe someone near has had a close encounter like this with the Savior. He is so personable and automatically close when you meet Him. It took alot of prayer and being Holy before He – then, He just started talking to me while praying, because it is said if you listen He will.
So I think the chosen , well I didn’t want to show weakness while the master was creating this as I broke down in my understanding of His ways while I waited for Him to continue. And then He left. But I had a promise that God will never leave us or forsake us. So I knew it was only temporary. But I had a very nice time and felt relieved of all my temporal trials for a while. It is in being with Jesus that our situation starts looking up. The stress leaves and we are strengthened and ready to go on on our own again.
Ah He is so good to be with and spend time with as we do and He wants us to be ourselves and get to know us. When He does get to know us He acts differently than at first. In my experience He does minister to the poor and needy. He fills us with His love and caring, is patient with our humanness and gives superabundantly with what we need. Kindness is His forte’ and love is what he shows making us strong as He is lowly of heart and boosts my confidence any way. He plays a little and almost laughs and understands. Is so gentle in getting me to go forward and not fear and to know He will do it to an extent. When I am filled to the brim with everything thing he is in His presence, He leads and guides and sets me off in a new direction and goes until I can manage.
I was praying how can I reach them I’m out of stuff and here it is some new life in Jesus and a whole congregation of new ideas. He shames me actually He is so giving and has to repeat the obvious to get me moving. I wish He would just take me out of this mess we call earth and let me start over again in a perfect world. He will one day. That world where the streets are gold but more importantly where there is no pain or suffering or hurt. You know perfect, where we can all be perfect and without bonds. A heaven where we have all knowledge at our fingertips and all light and love in and through us where everybody benefits.
Most of all where the Master is so beautiful and accessible and giving and free that we all benefit. We get a part of Him now and most later and the love just keeps happening. The Master is so great that the praise and adoration don’t stop and His being is never quenched and our longings for Him are never not satisfied yet just keep growing to ever new heights. His reign will never be contested because He is the perfect leader, the only one and has no enemies.
The mansions are no junk, better than Trumps Florida Estate. I hope there are planetary shooting ranges and Galactic travel arrangements, the best kitchens because Jesus ate after he rose and we are going to eat forever. Only the best from Jesus, who had such love for us to sacrifice His own Son, the Father did, and He will therefore freely give us all things. If we accept Him, love Him and obey Him. He is perfect we can trust Him. The Jesus we experience on earth is the same Jesus in heaven and He is worthy of our praises.


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