A New Creature!

These Judaizers or men who thought they had Christ but were trying to make Christians obey the Jewish Law.  Paul talked about them all through the Book of Galatians.  They were trying to make a show of the Christians they had reconverted to the Law.  They were making a show and were hedging in people who were saved so they would follow the Laws of Israel.  But they wanted so bad for Christ to have included the ceremonial law as part of being saved, but He hadn’t included it.  These misguided men wanted the Law only because they did not want to suffer persecution for the Cross of Christ- to appease the Jews who were so violently against the new Christianity.

Even the Judaizers could not completely obey God’s former law, as Jesus had showed the Pharisees when He was on earth.  But they wanted new Christians to obey it so that they would be glorified by their numbers and similarities to the Jews.  Paul only wanted to glory in the cross- the very thing the Jews could not understand.  They could not understand a life without the Law and thought God would never change.

The cross was so important in the making of and completion of God’s salvation for man.  The Law was incomplete and had no heaven or reward involved with it.  That’s why the Messiah had to come.  But they expected someone different and once again their flesh blinded them to the true Messiah.  The cross did so much work for man and the work of salvation.  Like as Paul was crucified to the world and the world to him.  The world is a very evil place.  The cross has a very prominent place in Christianity.  We also crucify the flesh figuratively with Christ and die to self much more spiritually.

Gal6:15  For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor un-circumcision means anything, but a new creature.  A new creature loves as that in 1Cor13.  No one ever did that before.  All new creatures are given mercy and peace for their struggles to be like Jesus.  Mercy- room to breathe and Peace- being assured of God and salvation.

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