In Case You Wait

Israel will be attacked in a war that was prophesied in Ezekiel 37 &38.  Their philosophy about being attacked was that they will take a hit and they know they will survive because God said it in the Bible.  But they have changed their outlook on this situation by saying now they will take some people with them if they are attacked and survive too.  In Psalm 7 in the Literal Version of the Bible it says that these enemies of Israel will have their mischief fall upon their own heads or crowns.  I think this means that Israel will attack them in return and make them pay for doing this.

So I am just trying to give you a foundation, a foot hold, in case you find yourself needing the Lord when the world becomes a desperate place.  There are more prophecies that when you see them you will know that Jesus is telling the truth.  That God’s hand is in all these things in the last days will be apparent because they are prophesied.  The first and biggest is that Israel became a nation.  No other country in history has come back after destruction and dispersion to form a new nation in the same place.  So there is this war that will take place and when you see one world religion, one world government and one world bank, you will know that they are expected.  The religion is being talked about by the pope and he is making efforts to gather all religions under one roof.  The President is talking about the government and trying to make the USA a part of it rather than a sovereign.  The world bank is in place now.

Then there is the Revival and Apostasy, two separate and distinct activities that could be going on at the same time.  In China over 35,000 people are becoming Christians every day.  We are not hearing about it in the news because they don’t want to help or encourage a Christian world to form.  In Africa also many are becoming Christians because of the AIDS epidemic.  There are many kids in orphanages hearing the Word of GOD and many are reached before they die.  The Great Apostasy is happening in the West-USA and Europe.  Many are turning away from God and becoming Atheists.  They have given up, their love has gone cold, they could not wait any longer.

Another interesting fact is that Turkey has gone to Russia for help and that completes the block of nations that will attack Israel in the war.  It has happened and will happen step by step.  One step at a time it has happened until we see the completion of the prophecies in the Bible- the invasion of Israel.  Russia is already in Syria their next door neighbor!  There will also be the antichrist on world TV reading in Gods temple on the temple mount a little later.

That is how you will know if you wait to get saved- too long- and you will have to die before you can go to heaven.  These are substantial solid prophecies that will happen.  You should be watching.

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