GAL 2-2-2

Last night God stopped in to improve my last message.  I didn’t see Him but I heard HIM.  He made me think about a scripture I was on and I wrote and wrote about it.  I thought I had more to say so here I am trying to see for sure if I do.

It was about the second half of Galatians 2, about vs. 14.  It is harder for Gentiles to live like Jews than it is for Jews to live like Jews.  So don’t compel them to live like Jews because they can’t.  Even Jews have trouble being good Jews.  All these years Jews have had the law and have tried, tried, tried to the point of not trying anymore.  They have completely failed in the Spirit of the law, but have gained a measure of obedience but not so much as to be able to brag about their goodness.  Paul was blameless, Elijah was blameless, Enoch was blameless.    The supposedly best of the best killed Jesus, could not change, and fought Him over everything He said.  They had no faith.

We are justified by faith because we believe Jesus died and lived and rose again to justify us by faith.  We believe He gained righteousness and gave it to us.  We have the righteousness of Jesus because we believe He gave it to us.  We believe in Him and what He did and how He did it.  We believe in you Jesus.  You loved us and shared with us your eternal life.  We believe in what you did, we believe in your goodness, that you are good.  Like we believe in someone that can succeed.  Like we believe in someone can turn their life around with the Holy Spirit.  Like we believe we are becoming more like you by your grace and help and trials.  It is well with our souls. Like we believe in your word that it works, because we have done it and know.  Like ‘a soft answer turneth away wrath’- I have seen it enough, it does turn away wrath.  We believe in eternal life.

Is Peter rebuilding what he once destroyed?  God showed him twice that the Gentiles were not unclean in a vision and Cornelius received the gift of tongues just like the first fruits of the Jews in Christ.  He knew!  But he backslid a little that day or days limiting himself, to the Gentiles, and being afraid of his own people that he knew disagreed with him a little or a lot.  He wasn’t sure of this situation.  He let his fear for his skin come out and his fear like when he denied Jesus.  Well never again after Paul’s correction.  But he whined and said Paul’s beliefs were sometimes hard to understand, in a letter.  Fear is real, Peter was a great man but always humbled by his fear.  It was a very good lesson, Jesus.  I’m a whiner myself that is why I can relate to this lesson.  I am afraid to die.  I think about it.  What if I’m from Smyrna, I hope I don’t have a choice when I die or am killed.   Peter did go on to die.  He must have trained himself not to run.  He died honorably a criminal’s death, but for a Christian the best- hope I can.

Gal 2:20  “I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me.

Then the hope vs.20; the genius of Paul and his thinking process- pearls of wisdom from GOD, immense consolation, HOPE, a reason to go on, honor to go to in time of need and elevation of our spirits- a reason to go on and face any coming state of affairs.  Fierce consolation in the face of death and returning, God lives.