The Will of God and Hope

I think I would like to teach on a short book for something worth doing and because I feel Colossians has something to say.  It all has something to say and having gone over the whole Bible a couple times I can see the spirit-man forming.  I feel more complete.  The whole Bible verse by verse has a lot to add to a woman or a man.  We have been taught on almost every possibility we could encounter in this life and I feel ready to be led by the Spirit and the Word in daily life.

Col 1:1  From: Paul, an apostle of the Messiah Jesus by the will of God, and Timothy our brother.

Col 1:2  To: The holy and faithful brothers in Colossae who are in union with the Messiah. May grace and peace from God our Father be yours!

Col 1:3  We give thanks to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus, the Messiah, praying always for you,

Col 1:4  because we have heard about your faith in the Messiah Jesus and the love that you have for all the saints,

Col 1:5  based on the hope laid up for you in heaven. Some time ago you heard about this hope through the word of truth, the gospel


How did Paul become an apostle by the will of GOD?  Paul has a story or testimony like the rest of us.  He was an extremely good Pharisee and he was looking to further his career so he volunteered to persecute Christians.  Of course he felt strongly against them too, and murdered some of God’s people along the way.  He got a letter to go to Damascus and arrest the Christians there and bring them back to Jerusalem and put them in prison.  On the way to Damascus he saw a bright light and fell off his horse and Jesus said, “Saul, Saul why are you persecuting me”, Paul said, “ Who are you, Lord”.  The Lord said, “I am Jesus whom you are persecuting”.  Paul or Saul was told to go into the city and they led him there.  God spoke to him for three days and he neither ate nor drank.  Jesus told him all about himself and how much Paul would have to suffer for his new job as missionary.

Then Ananias came and healed his eyes and baptized him.  He was convinced that Jesus was the Messiah and preached for him.  He escaped from Damascus spent three years in the Arabian desert being taught by the Lord and living off the land.  Paul was chosen by God; it was obviously His will.

What is the will of God?  It is God’s desire, His purpose for all of us.  He wants us to pray and serve Him, to love Him and others, for his general will.  He also has a permissive will.  This is how far He will go before He will correct or try to change our behavior.  If we read the Bible we will see how far He has gone or will go in all cases.

Paul has never met the Colossians.  The church was started by Epaphras a fellow worker of Paul, who was from there.  Paul is very proud of the Colossians and Epaphras because they have done many good things in accepting and keeping the faith.  Paul is thankful and prays for them often.  He knows the pitfalls of being a Christian then as well as now.  He starts teaching them in this book.  The first chapter is about the reality of Christ.  The second chapter is about the reality of the cults.  The 3rd and 4th chapters are about the realities of being a Christian.

The Colossians are coming along well they have love for the saints and hospitality.  Their new faith is standing strong.  He instructs that the reason they have love is because of hope.  Hope laid up for them in heaven.  Hope does not disappoint for hope usually is realized if it is rational hope.  The hope invested in heaven is a strong motivator.  It can make things possible that would not ordinarily be possible.  Hope will help you in working toward a goal.  A reward like heaven will keep you from quitting until you get there.  Hope influences the spirit of a man or a woman and makes it strong and willing to endure hardship.  Being a Christian normally entails hardship.  When you find something so good for you and if it has great rewards you will go along way for it, possibly all the way.

I talked about God’s will and Paul and the Colossians.  I talked about hope and how important it was to the church in Colosse and how important it is to us as people who have hardship in life.  Faith, hope and love are very important as virtues and they meet the needs of people who want to be independent as well as people who want to be dependent on God.  The question is, where do we get a strong supply of them?  The answer is God our provider and Jesus His Son.


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