I have been an environmentalist since the seventies, where we heard of extinction, desertification and man’s encroaching habitat.  That was the age of the ‘Eve of Destruction’.  The environment has gotten better in some ways since then.  The air, not the sea; the rescue of mammals and friendliness to pets; the proliferation of some species has continued with declines in other populations.  Man has finished his exploration of earth, but not the mind or space.  Many say we have continued to decline in our world, in sustainability.

Man is trying to add the spiritual dimension to his findings.  He uses that as he, she scratches and claws his, her way to what he, she wants for earth and themselves for the future and for man’s beloved prosperity.  No matter where his work takes him, or what improvements he makes we have limited possibilities.  Our resources will run out, turn to technology.  Nuclear war is ever threatening, turn to evolution.  Everywhere social evils are, turn to your higher good.

In fact it is GOD who we should turn to, for the God of Israel has much to say about our futures.  He offers salvation for the dying not eternal prosperity!  Prophecies do predict what will come and Messianic prophecies have been reliable.  Empires have arisen and fallen in Daniel and Isaiah.  Look at Israel past and present.  All has been prophesied that happens to Israel, past, present and future.  Its present existence, fulfilled.  Its exile to Babylon, fulfilled.  Jerusalem’s destruction by the Romans, fulfilled.  The Messiah to be crucified, fulfilled.

Then to war, Ezekiel 38 & 39 a great war in Israel, almost destroyed.  Terrible trouble will come to the crowns of its attackers.  Farther out will be the last war, Armageddon.  Israel is self supporting now with water, gas, and oil found and a thriving economy.  All her neighbors hate her and all have forsaken her, fulfilled.  As Israel goes so goes the world!  America is not found in the Bible and presidents have hurt it and will continue to destroy its sovereignty.

In Revelations, The Great Tribulation will cause almost complete destruction on the earth, physically, environmentally and the populace.  All we know and love will be destroyed.  The land, the seas, the fresh water, the cities and the hearts of mankind will also no longer be sustainable for fear.  We will be given a chance to die for the Lord as the only way to receive Him by faith.  Many will do just that.  Our ability to buy and sell will be taken by the Mark of the Beast if we are wise we won’t take it. Many will continue to rebel and hate Him.  Then the New Jerusalem will come down from heaven.  We will have spiritual bodies and everything will be provided for by GOD.  Then the final rebellion, judgment, and heaven will be given to those who have endured in Christ.  Lake of Fire is for all others. This is how it will be.


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