MARK 11 My Translation

Mark 11:1   When they be near unto Jerusalem, Bethphage, Bethany , and the Mount of Olives, He sent two of His disciples.  11:2   He says to them, ”Go into the town directly opposite you.  Shortly, entering into her you will find a colt tied, upon which no man sat.  Loose him, lead away.  11:3   If anyone should ask you, ’what you do, this thing’, say that his Lord has business, and immediately he will send here.”  11:4   They have gone and have found the colt tied to the gate outside upon the fork in the road and they loosed him.  11:5   Some standing there say to them, ”What you do loosing the colt”?  11:6   They have said to them just as Jesus had commanded them and they let them go.  11:7   They have gone with the colt to Jesus.  They threw their robes upon him and He sat on them.  11:8   Their abundant robes were thrown onto the road.  More, branches were cut down from the trees and spread onto the road.  11:9   They go before, and they following, they cried out saying, ”Hosanna, He blesses, He that comes in the name of the Lord.  11:10   Blesses the coming Kingdom in the name of the Lord of our father David”.  11:11   Jesus has entered Jerusalem and into the temple.  He looked thoroughly around.  The hour is already evening.  He has gone out into Bethany with the twelve.  11:12   On the morrow they having come out of them from Bethany, they hungered.  11:13   He having seen a fig tree from a distance having leaves, He has come therefore that He will find some on her.  He having come, has got nothing if not leaves.  It is not the season of figs.  11:14   Jesus concluded, He has said to her, “No more from you, any man to eat fruit into the age”.  The disciples heard Him.  11:15   They came into Jerusalem.  Jesus having entered into the temple He began to drive out those selling and buying in the temple.  The tables of the coin dealers and the seats of those selling doves were over turned.  11:16   Not He left so that no one could bear goods through the temple.  11:17   He taught them saying, ”Not it written that my house will be called a House of Prayer to all the Gentiles?  You made him a den of robbers”!  11:18   The scribes and high priests heard.  They plot how they will destroy Him.  They fear Him therefore that all the multitude be amazed at His instruction.  11:19   When late in the day it has come to pass He departed from the city.  11:20  At dawn they pass by,  they have seen the fig tree withered away from the roots.  11:21   And he remembering, Peter says to Him, ”Rabbi, behold the fig tree which you cursed is withered.”.  11:22  Jesus answered , He says to them,  “Have conviction of God.  11:22   Amen I say to you that whosoever should say to this mountain, ’be lifted up and thrown into the sea’ and not he should doubt in his heart but would have faith.  That which he says will become to him, whatsoever he should say.  11:24   Through this thing I say to you, ‘All that whithersoever they pray, you ask trusting that you receive and it will be to you.  11:25  And whenever you may stand praying, forgive.  If any man you have anything against.  So that you Father in the heavens may forgive you, your offenses.  11:26   But if you not forgive, your Father in the heavens will not forgive your offenses’”.  11:27   They come again to Jerusalem and in the temple walking by Himself, He come to him- the high priests and scribes and the elders.  11:28   And they say to HIM, “In what sort of authority, you do these things?  Who gave you this authority, so that you may do these things”?  11:29   But Jesus responding has said to them, “I will ask you one thing and to me you answer, and I will speak to you in what authority I do these things.  11:30   The baptism of John, is it from heaven or from men?  Answer me.  11:31   They reason to themselves.  They saying, ”If we might say from heaven, He will say’ Why then not you believed him’?  11:32   If we should say from man, they feared the whole people.  Therefore they hold that John really is a prophet”.  11:33   They responding to Jesus say, “We not know”.  And Jesus responding to them says, “Neither I say to you by what sort of authority I do these things”.


Native Imagery

America was a gift to the world, but freedom came at a high price to Native Americans.  That is America’s sin and therefore its victory over this land is no victory.  We have tried to be good but we have failed.

Let’s talk about the Bible for a bit.  I have some statistics for you and in a couple of ways I want to show you how the Bible is a unique book.  Then I will tell you what the Bible says about itself and include commentary and famous quotes.

The statistics I have are there are:

66 books

40 authors wrote the Bible

1,189 chapters

783,000+ words

The middle chapter is Psalm118

And the middle verse is Psalm118:8

A funny thing happened with this middle chapter- the shortest chapter in the Bible is Psalm117 and the longest chapter is Psalm119.

The middle verse states some wisdom for man: ‘Better to trust in God than to have confidence in man.’

The Bible is also a very unique book.  Suppose you find 10 people with the same income, with the same education, from the same time period and from about the same place.  All this saying they are somewhat alike.  You get them all together and you ask them to write about the same (one) subject.  Chances are you probably couldn’t get them to agree on this subject.

But to show how unique the Bible is in continuity:  God chose 40 authors, who wrote over 1500 years, from all different walks of life; they wrote in three languages on 100’s of controversial subjects all with harmony and agreement.  They agreed on God’s goodness and God’s will among other things.  This was some kind of miracle, a task that only GOD could do.

The Bible is unique in its wide circulation so that by 1930 there were over 1 B Bibles in print.  When the printing press was invented, in about 1450 AD publishers really got going and were able to print large quantities of books.  The Bible was the first one.  By the year 1977 the Bible Societies alone were printing over 200 M Bibles per year.  That does not include other publishers that were trying to make money on their works.  No one interested in truth can ignore this important book.  Many people felt strongly about it and thought that everybody should have one.  So again about this year 168,000 Bibles were being sold or given away every day.

The Bible says it is the word of God- His communication to Humanity.  The word ‘God’ appears 3,358 times in the Old Testament.  ‘Lord’ appears 7,736 in the Old Testament (OT).  ‘The Lord Spoke” was written 560 times in the Pentateuch or first five books of OT, 3800 times in the whole OT.  Isaiah must have thought that he got his words directly from God because he said so 40 times in the book of Isaiah.  60 times it was said in Ezekiel and 100 times in Jeremiah.  These are the Major Prophets.

Patrick Henry said:  ‘Here is a book worth more than all the other books which were ever printed.

‘The more profoundly we study this wonderful book and the more closely we observe its divine precepts the better citizens we will become and the higher our destiny will be as a nation.’     William McKinley     He said this I think in the early 1900’s.  Wasn’t he assassinated back then?

We cannot read the history of our rise and development as a nation, without reckoning the place where the Bible has occupied, in shaping advances of the Republic.’ FDR     So you can see that the Bible was still respected in the 30’s and 40’s so that it hasn’t been very long that people have been trying to live without it.

The Bible is a very important book.  We need a written record of God’s words and actions to solve problems and problems in doctrine.  Some of the presidents used it for that, with problems of law and government.  It will help us continue to grow and grow up to have the strongest character we can have.  Be into the healthiest things possible and to be prosperous, not at the expense of other peoples.

We have been allowing peoples and ideas into our country to the point it is about to fall apart.  It is possible in Christ to live the life set down in the passages of the Bible.  We have been doing it for 2000 years but only in the past 50 years have we gone off in a different direction and everybody has gotten lost.  In the past we have braved a lot of trials and we have come through them and been free.  We are God’s gift to the world for freedom.   Now we are going each in his own direction again like in the Book of Judges in the Bible because we do not have belief in God and His Word.  We were united for so long.  But now it is time to refocus on the Bible.